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# Protect your data
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SocialProtect is a browser extension that protects you when you are on the web. With several functions, it allows you to keep control over your personal and social data.

There is no price to your safety: SocialProtect is a 100% free!


Thanks to its own effective technology and through the support of Google Safe API, SocialProtect notifies you in real time when dangerous links are displayed on your page.

Bad links are no longer a threat to your personal data and safety.


Your safety is also enhanced through effective spotting of disinformation, phishing and fraud messages putting your computer at risk.

All displayed posts and their authors will be thoroughly controlled, checked and inspected so that we can let you know to what extent they can be trusted.


A native parental control system is integrated in SocialProtect in order for you to keep control of every selected website -especially social networking services- and block all the threats that could endanger your children when unattended.

Our flexible system based on time intervals will become your best ally for exercising your authority on the web.


SocialProtect will enable you to benefit from all the advantages of a real safety-oriented community. Since we are convinced that social network and mutual aid are but one, you will also be able to participate in this community by notifying us of every suspicious information you find (porn-oriented profiles or pages, impersonations, etc.).

All parents anxious to preserve their children’s integrity like you will certainly feel part of our community!


This kind of Spam will steal your information then control your account to share some links that contain spam / virus and trick your friends to click on that link.

Then your friend will be infected and keep send to other people continuously.

SocialProtect protect you !


SocialProtect will provide you with an expert scanner exclusively designed to protect your personal data, computer and private space. Your social activity on the web will then be effectively safeguarded from every threat to the good use of social networking.

Posts, messages, extensions, etc. the threats are numerous. Only SocialProtect and its algorithm can protect you efficiently.


Do you feel like being bombarded with useless information spoiling your browsing and making you waste your time?

SocialProtect is designed to spare you from this massive pollution by helping you configure easily what you do not wish to see.

# 100% FREE

There is no price to your safety: SocialProtect is a 100% free!


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